Thursday, August 23, 2012

Project DVD space saver

I am a lover and a collecter of movies. I have tried many different ways of  storage and as my collection has grown, I have been running out of space. At first I had them on a shelf under my TV. I moved my TV onto of a chest of drawers and therefore had to move my DVDs. I purchased two expedit bookcases from ikea and was going to put my them there on display. I came to find the cube sections of the book cases didn't fit my DVDs nicely unless I shaped them in a square shape. The cube was also very deep so I was loosing a lot of storage space. I finally moved them into the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers but they just fit and made the drawer very heavy. There was no room to grow.
Here is the drawers that my TV sits on. It is part of the malm collection from ikea.

I searched around for a very long time trying to find a space solution where I could fit my DVDs in the book cases. I thought of two drawers. The actual book cases have different components that can be purchased separately and inserted in the cubbies. There is a two drawer insert but the DVDs were just a little to big to go in them. I found a DIY drawer insert that was bigger but when I went to get materials at a local hardware store they told me the thin wood I wanted they didn't make. (wah) I was tired of searching so I went to my all time favorite storage solution store (the container store) and checked out their DVD storage options. I came across the Disksox pro system. 

I was hesitant about this because that means no more dvd boxes but then I thought about it and it really does save a ton of space. Plus I am a teacher and have found some great way to recycle and reuse the empty cases in my classroom :) It was a win win situation!

Here is the box of dvd cases I ended up with, and there were even a few that didn't fit. I know my collection is not huge but I think it is a good amount.

I went from all those DVD boxes to this neat organized tray of my movies! I bought the alphabet dividers because I kept my movie in alphabetical order before (I know...crazy). It also makes it easier to find a movie you are looking for though.

Here is my designated cubbie for DVDs. I kept my blue rays in their cases because I only have a few and they are small any way. I also kept my favorite disney movies in their cases ( I am obsessed with disney and disney princesses I have to admit) because they have such cute packaging. :P I just cut up some old birchboxes to fit next to my try and then stacked the DVDs on top. I put the blue rays on the bottom because they are shorter! I just love maximizing space! I am even thinking about buying one of the components that is a mirrored door to put in the cubbie. That way, they will be covered and just adds some neatness to my room.

I love these inserts because you can take the paper covers out and put them in the sleeve. It is perfect!

All of the products can be purchased at the container store. Here is a link to the Disksox system .

If you have any questions please comment below!
Thanks for reading!